Digital Advisors was formed in 2007 by Bruce David Eisen, a media executive with experience in the film, television, home entertainment and Internet industries.  Employing the experience, relationships and expertise of leading digital media executives, Digital Advisors provides its clients with the tools, knowledge and strategies necessary to succeed in distributing and marketing digital content and merchandise via the Internet and wireless applications.  Digital Advisors works with entities ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, providing world class strategic advisory and management services focusing on four key areas:   

                            ·         Content Acquisition

                            ·         Digital Content Monetization

                            ·         Distribution Technology

                            ·         Strategic Services

            Content Acquisition: Digital Advisors has established relationships with content producers around the world, both large and small.  The experience of its principals in acquiring all manner of video content including films from the major Hollywood studios, television programming from broadcast and cable networks, music videos, long-tail content, adult programming, HiDef content and sports programming enables Digital Advisors to locate and secure content for its clients utilizing knowledge of the local market rates for programming in each territory of the world.

            Content Monetization: Whether distributing film and television content via the Internet or creating and distributing digital merchandise such as avatars and casual games or enabling digital applications such as electronic post-cards, digital comic books and the like, Digital Advisors’ expertise in digital content distribution is unparalleled.

Drawing on the many years of hands-on experience of its principals, Digital Advisors is uniquely positioned to advise its clients with respect to all aspects of digital video distribution, be it in a TV Everywhere, authenticated environment, Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD), Electronic Sell-Through (EST), Video-On-Demand (VOD), Pay-per-View (PPV), or advertising supported models.  Digital Advisors has relationships with the leading electronic distributors including iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Blockbuster, CinemaNow, Xbox and PlayStation. 

In addition, Digital Advisors has worked with and forged relationships with leading casual game, virtual world and digital merchandise companies including RealArcade, YahooGames, NeoEdge, BunchBall, Sulake (Habbo Hotel) and Gaia Online.

            Distribution Technology: Digital content distribution requires sophisticated technology and infrastructure.  Digital Advisors’ expertise spans the gamut of authenticating users across multiple websites in a TV Everywhere environment to digital rights management (DRM), digital supply chain management, content delivery services, geo-filtering services and the other services and technologies required to securely and efficiently distribute content in today’s digital world.

            Strategic Services: Perhaps the greatest benefit that Digital Advisors offers its clients is its strategic services; Digital Advisors’ principals have a combined fifteen plus years experience as pioneers and innovators in this industry.  Whether it is outsourced business development work, business plan vetting, business strategy, market intelligence or international expansion, Digital Advisors provides its clients with the strategic services that enable them to effectively and efficiently compete and succeed in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.




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